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Great movie.

I still watch this from time to time, and it's always funny!

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i really liked this one. i liked it at that one part where the bass note changes frequently. you should really get more into piano pieces. i want to hear what you can come up with for that marvelous instrument. it would be very rewarding to hear a lot of piano from you besides what you have now. i think what you have now is amazing. i want to hear your version of chopins waltz op18.

yes I do play piano as well :) i also plan on becoming a movie scorer, but i need to catch up on my studies. perhaps we will colaborate on piano when i get more in tune
AIM or myspace. let me know. I would only want to colaborate with the best you know. :) have a nice week.

good job,

Winterwind-NS responds:

not too sure wut section u mean but i think i kno.. lol
anways, i always thoguht that i was composing too much piano music haha
ppl usualy think of me dominantly as a piano composer rather than a
full orchestra composer.

btw chopins waltz op. 18 is nice, but i prefer both the Db maj C# min one from his op. 64
both of which r mad fun to play

movie scorer eh? sounds cool go for it
haha if u wanna collab wit me ur gonna hafta convince me good or something..
cuz i dont lik to collab ever, infact i dont think i hav so far

k uh thanks again



Hey Bosa thanks for the review. I like your music, I've been listening a lot. You wanted to know about the french horns with Garritan. Well they work pretty well. You just need to play around with it to get the real feel that you want. I'm sure you can do it. The whole thing has all pretty good samples, and make sure to download all the updates.

I have some questions. Where do you get your choir vsts and as well where do you get your string vsts? I really like them both. They sound like I could make a John Williams Harry Potter choir song with them lol.

Your diversity of music and experimentalism reminds me a little like Hans Zimmer, composer of the Lion King and a lot more. Good luck with your stuff!

Bosa responds:

Well, I bought Garritan not too long ago and it is quite an achievement. I try to use it in most of my tracks if it is needed. I also like the brass quite a bit, it is a step up from what I was using in the past.

The chorus I used in this song is Jude herself, she is extravagant and her voice is beautiful. The strings I use, is one of my most precious secrets. I could never spill it out, sorry.

I actually like Hans Zimmer and his adventurous music. I loved his compositions for Pirates of the Carribean, Gladiator, and even Black Hawk Down. Quite a man to look up to if you're looking to become a professional composer.

Thanks for the review, my boy. I hope to see more from you.


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